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Card Club

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Welcome to the Card Club! Come play cards, and chat with your friends. Card Club gives you six classic solitaire style card games in one convenient application!
Additionally, users can play, chat, send email and post to a message board.
The Card Club includes: 1. Classic Solitaire (Klondike-1 card draw) 2. Klondike-3 card draw 3. Spider-1 suite 4. Spider-2 suites 5. Spider-4 suites 6. Free Cell 7. Pyramid-1 card draw 8. Pyramid-3 card draw 9. Tri-Peaks 10. Spiderette-1 suite 11. Spiderette-2 suites 12. Spiderette-4 suites
Each game offers multiple gameplay options: •Klondike Draw 1 card (easy) Draw 3 cards (hard) Standard scoring (unlimited cycles thru deck) Vegas scoring (one cycle thru deck) •Spider 1 suit (easy) 2 suits (medium) 4 suits (hard) •Pyramid Draw 1 card (easy) Draw 3 cards (hard) •Free Cell •Spiderette 1 suit (easy) 2 suits (medium) 4 suits (hard) Additional highlights include: •NO advertisements •NO in-App purchases •Easy-to-read cards •Unlimited undo’s •Multiple card tables and card backs to choose from •Leaderboards •Smooth gameplay and crisp graphics •Game statistics Connect and chat with friends! Card Club's social feature is an added bonus and makes your game play experience even better.
TRY FOR FREE: http://nerdxo/cardclub/ CONTACT: We would love to hear from you! Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to any of the following:
***you can also send a chat or email through the game***
FAQ: Q: Do I need an account with NerdicusRex Online to play the Solitaire games? A: No, it is not necessary to have an account to play the Solitaire games. Multiplayer games, when they become available, will require an account in order to play against others. Q: What is the benefit of creating an account? A: Creating an account allows the user to report scores to the leaderboard, chat with other registered players, and send and receive emails with other registered players. When multiplayer games become available an account will be necessary to play against others. Q: How do I add friends? A: You will need to know the user name of the friend you want to invite. Select the "friends" icon. Click on the green plus sign. Enter the user name of the person you want to invite. Select "submit." An email will be sent to the person you are inviting. They will need to click on the appropriate link within the email to accept your invitation. Q: Can I use the message board? A:You can use the public message board if you are a registered user. Q: How do I add games to "Favorites?" A: Select the "Play" icon. This will open to the Game Menu. The top row includes all the available games and is organized in alphabetical order. The second row will include the favorite games you add. To add to favorites, select the "player stats" option. Find the game you want to add at the bottom of the screen. (Scroll if you don't see the one you are looking for.) Click on your favorite game to pull of the statistics for that game. Near the top center of this page, you will see the outline of a star and the word "favorite" Tap on the star to highlight it green and then exit out of that screen. Your selected game should now be listed under your favorites. Q: Can I change the background or cards? A: Yes. You do this by selecting play and then settings. Once you get to settings you will be able to select your deck and table.
FUTURE PLANS: We plan on introducing many new games and features including, but not limited to the following: ~ Multiplayer games such as Canasta, Push Rummy (also known as Progressive or Contract Rummy), Samba and others ~In-game chat ~Game specific message boards ~Pause and resume features ~Ability to block users